Monday, August 29, 2011

MK230: Unit 7 - Reading & Discussion Question

Assigned Reading:

Chapter 17 & 18
Pages 558-611

Discussion Question:

Organizations are becoming increasingly concerned about dishonesty within their sales organizations. Describe some of the ways that sales people may engage in dishonest activities. What can managers do to avoid such problems?

Discussion Answer:

Some of the ways that sales people may engage in dishonest activities are providing an inconsistent message to clients that may go against a particular marketing strategy or strategies but benefits the salesperson, as well as bribing or exchanging gifts for the clients business.

Managers can avoid such problems by providing consistent training and training materials that consistently reenforce the companies goals and strategies, as well as following up with the sales person's clients to see if the message has been forwarded to them correctly.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

HU121: Unit 6 Discussion Question

Discussion Question:

2001: A Space Odyssey examines the benefits as well as the hazards of technology. This film was groundbreaking in its day; many films with a similar theme have followed it, including Star Wars (think of the Death Star), The Terminator films, and I, Robot. How do you feel about the current advances in technology, specifically in robotics and computers? Do you see these advancements as completely beneficial or not? Why?

Discussion Answer:
When considering the modern advancements of technology, specifically in robotics and computers, it is very exciting and frightening at the same time. Exciting because the advancement in medicine, crime investigation and mobile technology are extremely beneficial to the world by saving lives, solving crimes and improving communication. Frightening, because we could create something that would work so well that it would eliminate jobs or even worse a weapon that would destroy are planet. Most advancements benefit society, but occasionally we create something that destroys us.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

MK230: Unit 6 - Assignment

Assignment Questions:
In Unit 6, part of our focus is on the Internet & Interactive Media. 
For your homework assignment, you will select a product from the list below and then identify an interactive promotional tool for this product, such as a podcast, blog, etc. You will then put together a PowerPoint presentation (minimum 8 slides) explaining what media tool you would use for this product and why you chose it. Be sure to explain what you hope to accomplish with this promotional idea (your objectives/goals). Present your work as if you were trying to get an Executive Board to adopt the idea. 

Once your presentation is complete, you have two options. You can:
  1. Record your presentation using Elluminate (click on the Communication link in the gray box on the left to access this program) and include/send me the link to your presentation.Your slides should contain key bullet point information and the narration should expound on these bullet points. Do not just repeat the bullet points in the narration. NOTE: If you wish to use this option, please let me know so that I can create a session for you. or...
  2. Write a reflection paper (minimum 1 page) explaining the concepts behind your presentation. Include narration for each slide in the notes portion of your PowerPoint. Your slides should contain key bullet point information and the narration should expound on these bullet points. Do not just repeat the bullet points in the narration.Here are the products to choose from:
Here are the products to choose from:

  • A brand new model of mini-van
  • A small "mom-and-pop" retail store 
  • A bed and breakfast in a rural area
  • A digital camera
Submit your work in a PowerPoint and/or Word file.
    Your PowerPoint should have a title slide, an introduction/agenda for your presentation and a conclusion/summary for your presentation.  Use 3-5 bullet points per slide, if you are using bullet points. Do not write complete sentences. These just crowd your slide with words. The additional explanation should be in the Notes/narrative part of your presentation. If you chose to write the reflection paper, be sure you discuss the rationale behind your selection of the interactive media tool. The paper should not be a script for your presentation. Think in terms of all the concepts we've learned in our class thus far - target markets, reach, frequency, creative execution, advertising appeal, brand image and so on.

    Assignment Answer:

    Thursday, August 25, 2011

    MK230: Unit 6 - Discussion Question A & B

    Discussion Question A:

    Find an example of what you feel is a guerilla marketing effort being used by marketers. Explain the objectives you believe are being sought through the use of these techniques, who they are targeting, and whether you feel they will be effective. Discuss the ethics of the stealth technique being used by the marketer.

    Discussion Answer A:

    While researching to answer this question, I found numerous examples if the same concept. The basic concept is using the crosswalk lines as part of their product (McDonald's, as fries) or a result of using the product (Mr. Clean, a "clean" crosswalk). The objectives that these marketers are trying to achieve is to capture their customers in their everyday days and make them think twice about their products and purchase them. These particular products has a general   customer base to target because they are everyday products. The McDonald's example is slightly less effective, than the Mr. Clean because the is just cute and Mr. Clean shows a "cleaned" product. I don't think ethics are an issue here because there is nothing offense about the products. Although, there might be a traffic safety issue.

    Discussion Question B:

    Chapter 16 discusses how sales promotion can be used to contribute to the development or maintenance of brand equity by developing a promotional offer that is consistent with the image or positioning of a product or service. Find an example of a contest, sweepstakes or premium offer that a marketer is currently running and analyze the promotion with respect to how it contributes to brand equity. You can find examples of contests, sweepstakes or premium offers in magazine ads, free standing inserts (FSIs) in the Sunday newspaper, or on the Internet. What image or positioning is the marketer using for the brand? How does the promotional offer support the advertising campaign being used for the brand?

    Discussion Answer B:

    Every year McDonald's, about this time of year (if I'm not mistaken) conducts their MONOPOLY sweepstakes giving away prizes, cash, and food. The game pieces are on the package of many of their meals and drinks. The larger prizes are provided by an array of companies (cars, recreational vehicles, etc.) but the majority of the prizes are food provided by that location. The marketer is creating the excitement to come eat at McDonald's with the possibility being awarded an amazing prize. The promotion supports the McDonald's brand by being fun, exciting and something that part of your lifestyle already.

    Sunday, August 21, 2011

    Assignment Questions:

    Critical Thinking Questions (300 to 400 words): Rear Window. Submit your assignment using the link above (due on Sunday of this unit; 20 points).
    1. Discuss the sound design in the film. How did the score create mood? Give examples of scenes and explain how the mood would have changed with a different score.
    2. Discuss the pacing of this film. How does the pacing create tension? Give examples.
    3. Hitchcock often uses a plot device called a "macguffin." Was there a macguffin in this film? What is a macguffin? Explain this in your own words. (A macguffin is defined in our text on pg. 34).
    Assignment Answers:

    1. Hitchcock did something different with Rear Window than what is usually done with most films and uses very little sound. Part of this is due to the distance that Jeff is away from everyone and everything. One of the many times the "score" created a mood is when the music was being played in another apartment was so beautiful, that distracted Lisa while she was in Thornwell's apartment looking around for clues to the murder. With a different and more literal score like the one in The Birds, for example, would have taken all intimacy out of the film.
    2. The pacing for Rear Window is very slow, but done very literally because he tension is created by slowly giving us hints and clues to everyone's story but not giving full details until the end when everyone is revealed and our imagination has been through all the scenerios. For example, there are clues about Thornwell killing his wife but we aren't sure until he is attacked by Jeff so it doesn't get out.
    3. Hitchcock's macguffin for this film was Mrs. Thornwell's wife's wedding ring is  because she wouldn't take it off for any reason and is the first major clue the to surface and needs to be given to police for them to investigate the crime further. A macguffin is an object in a film the drives the action. For example, in Back To The Future, part II, the sports almanac Marty puchases (in the future) is the macguffin because all action is to recover it from Biff (in the past) before he uses it.

    Thursday, August 18, 2011

    MK230: Unit 5 - Assignment

    Assignment Questions:
    Click on the Assignment Files link and download the file which contains a case study on the California Cheese marketing campaign. (The file is also available from the text's web site under Case Studies.) Read the case and answer Discussion Questions 1-4 at the end of the case. Complete your work in a Word file. 
    California Milk Advisory Board Case

    1. Analyze the “Happy Cows” campaign that was developed for the California Milk Advisory Board to promote Real California Cheese from an integrated marketing communications perspective.  Why do you think the campaign has been so successful? 
    2. What was the role and importance of the Real California Cheese certification mark in implementing the positioning and IMC program elements?  How and where was it implemented?  Do you think it made a difference to the program?
    3. What was the role of advertising in establishing the Real California Cheese brand personality?  What were the constraints the advertising agency had to work around in developing the campaign?  How would you describe the personality that was created?  What are the pros and cons of the advertising approach?  Can the campaign be continued indefinitely?  If not, how might it be changed or adapted going forward?
    4. What role did consumer promotion play in generating trial and awareness of Real California Cheese?  Which tactics were used?  Which were most effective and why?  How did the consumer promotion tactics reinforce or supplement other marketing elements such as advertising, trade promotion, or public relations?

    Assignment Answer:
    1. After analyzing the "Happy Cows" campaign, that was developed for the California Milk Advisory board to promote Real California Cheese, I feel the campaign has been so successful is because they found a way to connect with customer base by creating character (the cows) that everyone can relate to. Another reason, is that is was advertised nationally as opposed t just California, which gave the campaign a larger audience.
    2. The role and importance of the Real California Cheese certification mark in implementing the positioning and IMC program elements is that the mark  assures them that consumers that the cheese they are purchasing is natural and is made in California, exclusively from California milk. The seamark was placed just about everywhere including assortedcheese packages,coupons and point-of-sale materials and even on restaurant menus and table tents.  I believe the use of certification mark made a difference and was successful in the campaign because it showed the depth of the use of the product and sales where increased on numerous levels.
    3. The role of advertising in establishing the Real California Cheese brand personality was to show everyone the product was a natural product, coming from health cows and provided them in in a quality manner. I would describe the personality created as a take on the beauty pageant circuit with stage moms and stereotypes of selected areas of the country like Minnesota and Texas. Pros of this advertising approach are the characters are relatable because they are based on people, quotable lines and very funny. Cons are the potential to offend the group of people you are making fun of and possible lack of interest. I don't believe this campaign could be carried on indefinitely, the humor would lose its welcome the second time around. The ways that the campaign could be updated would put the characters into situations that are more current like a gameshow similar to The Amazing Race or have them audition for cow remakes of classic Hollywood films.
    4. The role consumer promotion played in generating trial awareness of Real California Cheese was to generate 
      trial and repeat purchase for all cheeses bearing the RCC Seal. The tactics used to accomplish this were including cross promotions inside stores the would utilize instant redeemable coupons, product samples and self liquidating premium offers. The most effective promotion was cross promoting with other products that are compatible with cheese such as breads, crackers, pizza and tortillas. The cross promotion increased awareness of the other products that use or compliment the product and is visivle where it might now usually be.

    Real California Cheese


    HU121: Unit 5 Discussion Question

    Discussion Question:
    Select one scene or sequence from Rear Window and discuss how Hitchcock used mise-en-scene to create suspense in that scene or sequence. Describe the scene. How was it framed? Where were the characters placed in relation to the camera and to each other? Was it open or closed framed? Was there music or other sound effects? How did all these elements come together to create suspense (or humor, or fear, or sadness, etc)?

    Discussion Answer:
    The scene that instantly came my mind after reading from Rear Window for this discussion question was when Lisa and Stella are hunting around the courtyard garden and the Thornwell apartment for any evidence of Mrs. Hanna Thornwell. Lisa has enters into the Thornwell apartment through the window, after having no luck searching elsewhere with Stella and begins searching there. A closed frame shot is used, taken from afar, as if it was from Jeffs point of view. Their are no sounds effects in the scene and just the soft music being played the band in another apartment. As the suspense builds so does the music. Together all these elements heightened the anxiety being experienced by Jeff and Stella, who are watching from afar, as well as the fear being experienced by Lisa. 

    MK230: Unit 5 - Discussion Question

    Discussion Question:

    Preview the advertising podcasts link in Unit 5. After listening to an advertising podcast, post a summary of the key points you learned from the podcast. Explain why you feel it is an important concept for advertisers and marketers. Be sure to identify the podcast you watched heard.

    Discussion Answer:

    I chose to listen to The Advertising Show, where they covered alot of topics but the part that interested me was the middle section of the program where they weren't doing an entertainment program. 

    In the middle section discussed the current status and future of online video streaming. The discussion started with the 60% price increase with Netflix. Then evolved into a conversation about Hulu being for sale. They wrapped up the conversation, looking forward with Amazon, Apple, Google and Walmart's entering into the market as well.

    It is important for advertisers to be aware of the status of this type of market because most of the service have advertising as a major part of the service, especially Hulu.


    Thursday, August 11, 2011

    HU121: Unit 4 Discussion Question

    Discussion Question:

    North by Northwest is an espionage thriller about life in Cold War America. The Cold War ended with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of communist Russia (the USSR), but America has new enemies and faces new threats. Think of the films you have seen in the years since 9/11. Which of those films offers a plot structure and/or theme(s) similar to those of this week's assigned film?

    Discussion Answer:

    The only post 9/11 film that comes to my mind that is similar to North By Northwest is The Bourne Identity, which is the first in a series. What makes the films different is that Jason Bourne is suffering from severe amnesia and needs to find out who he ACTUALLY is as opposed to Roger Thornhill is searching for who he is SUPPOSED to be. In both films, our hero is being pursued my an opposing force and has a sexy companion on his journey. 

    As I was writing the previous paragraph I realized that a very recent film, The Adjustment Bureau, is similar to North By Northwest. The basic plot is that we all have a specific path and we arent supposed to wander too far from it. If we do, our path needs to be "adjusted" back into place. The character of David Norris got inspired and decided to take his own path regardless. Great film! Other great mistaken identity films are DAVE, The Big Lebowski and The Great Dictator.

    MK230: Unit 4 - Discussion Question

    Discussion Question:
    What is an ad that you have seen that had high reach? An ad with high frequency? An ad with both? Which influences you more - a high reach ad or a high frequency ad? Why?

    Discussion Answer:
    An ad that I have seen that has high reach is for semi truck awareness. It is prominently displayed in a major section along our major freeway I-15 and contains a shocking graphic of a semi hitting a car from behind. What makes the ad so spectacular is that it is done in three dimensions and kinda graphic (I will try to get a picture for everyone to check out). The only ads that I can really think of that have a high frequency are the GEICO Insurance ads. I am always either hearing them on the radio and online or seeing them on television. I even see them from time to time on billboards. Some are ok, but most tend to annoy me. Of the two types of ads, I would have to say that the high reach ads have more influence on me because if I see or hear things too much I tend to block them out.

    GEICO Ad: ...Annoying.

    Friday, August 5, 2011

    HU121: Unit 3 - Assignment Questions

    Assignment Questions:
    1. Star Wars is, in many ways, a western set in outer space. Explain this statement. Use examples from the film to support your discussion.
    2. Many of the actors in the film are British, especially those representing the Empire. Think about Britain's history. How are the former British Empire and the Empire in this film alike? (You may want to do some research on the British Navy.)
    3. Who is the protagonist of this film, Luke or Hans Solo? Explain your answer.
    4. Who is the antagonist in this film? Explain your answer.
    Assignment Answers:

    This Star Wars, more so than any of the ones, is very much indeed a western set in outer space. A few major examples of this are the numerous gunfights, a climatic showdown, and a damsel in distress. Also, much like westerns, the character's clothing illustrate which said side they are on, Luke in white and Darth Vader in black. Even Han's clothing with the evokes the old west. Another similar detail is that the cantina and is very much like a saloon.
    There are many strong similarities between the Empire and the former British Empire, which include the vastness of their territories, a large group of soldiers and ships at each of their disposals, as well as each of their thirst for domination.
    I believe that Luke is the protagonist in this film because as the story follows his journey, as an orphaned farm boy to Jedi warrior against a major enemy. 
    A protagonist is also described as a hero and Luke saves Leah who has information which is used against the Empire in order to defeat them. The antagonist, a person or a group of people who oppose the main character, or the main characters, in this film is the Empire led by Darth Vader. The Empire's Stormtroopers killed Luke's Aunt & Uncle, kidnapped Princess Leah, and destroyed her home planet. 

    MK230: Unit 3 - Assignment

    MK230 - Unit3: "Chicken of Sea" Case Study

    Case Study Discussion Questions
    1. Discuss the consumer decision making process for a product such as canned/packaged tuna and the response hierarchy model this is most likely to be applicable in the purchase of this product. 
    2. Discuss the role integrated marketing communications plays in the marketing of canned/packaged tuna for a company such as Chicken of the Sea International. How might the company use the various IMC tools as part of its marketing program?
    3. Discuss how Chicken of the Sea’s marketing personnel and advertising agency might evaluate the appropriateness of using Jessica Simpson as a spokesperson for the company and whether she is a good fit for the brand. 
    4. Discuss the pros and cons of Chicken of the Sea International hiring Jessica Simpson as a spokesperson for the company.  Can the company afford to hire her and spend the money on TV advertising to use her effectively?
    5. What would you do if you were Don George?  Would you recommend that the company hire Simpson as a spokesperson? Why or why not?
    Case Study Discussion Answers
    1. The consumers making process for a product such as canned/packaged tuna varies depending on previous exposure such as eating it as a child and growing up using it (regular use) or being introduced to via a commercial or ad and the consumer trying it out (trial). The response hierarchy model that is most likely to be applicable in the purchase of this product is the Innovation-Adoption Model. That model starts with awareness and proceeds into interest / evaluation, then trail and adoption.
    2. After taking a look at the "Chicken Of The Sea" website, I see that they use numerous Integrated Marketing Communications. They have commercials on their YouTube channel, updates of all sorts on their twitter and a avatar creator on their website to Mer-Yourself. Each of these opinions covers a specific demographic and I believe create a great marketing strategy.
    3. The marketing personnel and advertising agency might consider if attracting a younger crowd by using Jessica Simpson as a spokesperson would scare away older long-turn consumers. They might also consider how it will attract more of a male audience to their product.
    4. Some "pros" of using Jessica Simpson as spokesperson are exposure to a younger demographic, at the time she was topical and because of her comments, she is linked to the product. Some cons are the older demographic will not be accepting of her, as well as her fame might run out  during the contracted time. I believe the company could afford to take the risk and spend the money effectively.
    5. If were Don George I would recommend hiring Jessica Simpson because she was a very popular celebrity at the time and they already had a built in connect to her, I believe it would have be unwise not to bring her in to be a representative of the company.
    Links: "Chicken Of The Sea"

    Wednesday, August 3, 2011

    HU121: Unit 3 - Discussion Questions

    Discussion Question:

    How are Han Solo and Ethan Edwards alike? How are they different? When Star Wars was released in 1977, audiences cheered for Han Solo. Do you think audiences rooted on Ethan Edwards when The Searchers was first released in 1956? Why or why not?

    Discussion Answer:

    Being asked to compare Ethan Edwards and Han Solo is an interesting situation because their films are technically different genres. That being said, Star Wars, according to creator George Lucas was modeled after the spaghetti westerns.

    Ethan Edwards and Han Solo play by their own rules and are both excellent men to have on your side. The ways that they are different are the ways they handle things. Ethan is hard-nosed and very much a man in a mission. Han Solo, on the other hand, is driven strictly by money and is happy with just getting by and enjoying the ride.

    I believe the audiences did root for Ethan Edwards when The Searchers was first released in 1956 because when a tragedy strikes a family, people want to get some type of justice (or revenge) back and Ethan went out and brought kidnapped Debbie home.