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Week 4: HU121 Film In Society (North By Northwest)

Discussion Question
North by Northwest is an espionage thriller about life in Cold War America. The Cold War ended with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of communist Russia (the USSR), but America has new enemies and faces new threats. Think of the films you have seen in the years since 9/11. Which of those films offers a plot structure and/or theme(s) similar to those of this week's assigned film?

Discussion Answer:

The only post 9/11 film that comes to my mind is The Bourne Identity. It is different from because Jason Bourne has amnesia and needs to find out who he ACTUALLY is as opposed to Roger Thornhill is searching for who he is SUPPOSED to be. In both films he is being pursued my an opposing force and has a sexy companion on his journey. 

Other great mistaken identity films are DAVE, The Big Lebowski and The Great Dictator.


For this paper, I’d like you to write an essay in which you discuss this week’s assigned film, Star Wars:  Episode IV.  Your essay must include an introduction and thesis statement, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion, at minimum. It should be 500 words, at minimum.

A strong thesis statement will guide your discussion. It should include your opinion of the topic at hand, and should consist of one single sentence.

The introduction of the paper should identify the film and its director, summarize the plot in your own words, and state which character in the film you felt was the most interesting to you (this is your thesis statement).

In the second paragraph of the paper, you need to describe the character and explain his or her role in the film.  How do you find out about this character?  Do you learn more about the character based on his/her actions or his/her words? 

In the third paragraph of the paper, you should discuss in detail why you found this character so interesting.  What did you like about the character?  What did you dislike?  What do you feel made this character “tick” or what motivated the character you chose?  

In the fourth paragraph of the paper, you should address the actor’s portrayal of the character and how that particular person brought life to the role.  How would your perception of the character have changed if another actor had been selected to play that part?  What if the actor had been famous at the time the film was made?  (The only “famous” actor in the original film was Sir Alec Guiness—Harrison Ford had not become a household name yet). Be sure to offer specific examples to support your statements.

Your fifth and final paragraph should offer a restatement of your thesis and a graceful conclusion to your essay.

Assignment Answer:

Luke Skywalker is the core character and main narrative of this amazing journey, in which we share in his growth, his pain and his journey.

Star Wars - Episode IV: A New Hope, released in 1977, directed by George Lucas, is about a simple farm boy named Luke Skywalker. George Lucas created an amazing scape of events for all the characters but non broader and fantastic than Luke’s. Luke intercepts a distress signal for assistance, meant for Obi-Wan Kenobi, one of the few Jedi left. The intercepted distress signal is from Princess Lea (who find out later is his twin sister), a rebel leader, who needs to be rescued  from Darth Vader and helped to overthrow the evil Empire who has a very destructive weapon. I feel that farm boy Luke is the most interesting character in the film (and the other two films) because he makes the broadest journey of all the characters.

Luke begins the journey as a farm boy, then becomes a Jedi Knight in training under Obi Wan and ultimately the major force against the evil Empire. When first encounter Luke, we observe him experiencing his everyday day life living with his aunt and uncle on their farm and fulfilling his chores. One day, his uncle purchases two driods, setting the events into motion. One which directly lead s luke to Obi Wan Kenobi. Our learning about Luke and his past surfaces through his conversation with Ob-wan as they discussed Luke’s father. 

The main reason I found interest in the character of Luke was because he is someone I could relate to. He is basically stuck living and working in a place that he’d rather not be, dreaming of leaving and making a difference, and the frustration of being unable to do so. I very much did like Luke’s hunger for knowledge and willingness to help but disliked his disrespectful whininess towards his aunt and uncle. Luke is motivated by his passion to be a pilot, the brutal attack on the farm and his family, as well and his willingness to help others. 

Mark Hamill, an unknown actor at the time (like most the cast), brought a very real and realism to that portrayal to the character of Luke. He played Luke as a simple, meek, scared but eager and driven farm boy. I honestly cannot picture any other actor playing this character, this well.  Anyone “famous” playing the role, I feel would have been a major distraction and audience would be “star watching” as opposed to feeling the span and scope of the amazing story. 

In conclusion, the character Luke Skywalker is the focus of this film and the entire “classic” trilogy and his experience and drive should be inspiring to us all as we do out best on our own farms, fulfilling our all of our dreams and make the best out of any tragedy and possible destruction. 

May the force be with you. Always.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Week 2: MK225 - Internet Marketing

Discussion Question:
With Internet usage becoming increasingly mobile and social, marketers must find ways to reach consumer users away from their homes or businesses. Imagine you are employed by a concert venue. Create a way that a concert ticket vendor could reach out to consumers using online capabilities beyond traditional email. You should identify potential issues that could arise – for instance, historic consumer reluctance to make mobile phone numbers public – and suggest ways that marketers could address those concerns. Make sure you use concepts from this unit's assigned reading in your initial post.

Discussion Answer:
As I imagined being employed by a concert venue and thought about the ways to reach out to consumers using capabilities beyond traditional email. Facebook and YouTube came to mind automatically and are excellent resources but have setbacks as pushing too much information and harassing the people you are trying to attract. The concept I thought of was having a "street team" pushing the venue offline and online. Passing out flyers at similar shows with social media connection info provided, giving discounts to those using the social media connects and giving special prizes and access to the street team for providing their time.

Assignment Question:
Find an article related to social network marketing. Make sure your article was published in the last two years.  In the first 1-2 paragraphs, provide a summary of the article. In the next 1-2 paragraphs, explain how the information in this article relates to concepts in Chapter 3, such as Metcalf's Law, communication, or branding. Support your answer with evidence. Liberally incorporate concepts from our text.

Assignment Answer:

Social networks are becoming such an important and intricate part of everyone life, personally and professionally. The business world is quickly learning that these sites are viable advertising and marketing tools. The potential problem and disadvantage occurs when an individual is assigned to do work on these sites and becomes distracted with their personal affairs.

Some Businesses and schools are now having to make strict company policies when it comes to social networking sites. Policies like monitoring activity, blocking the site all together or making the individual requesting access to complete their work on the site. Meanwhile, other businesses schools encourage enriching everyones experience through these sites but stay within the company culture.

In the article, statistics are provide to “backup the popularity of social media” and at the speed that it is occurring, this is supported by Metcalf’s Law. Metcalf’s Law, according to our textbook, captures the idea that the number of possible connections between members of a network expands much faster than the count of the members. LinkedIn is an excellent real world example of this.

Smith, Cassie (2011, February 17).
Social networking dilemma in the workplace. Tribune Business News.
Retrieved from:

Week 2: HU121 Film In Society (Instructor Comment)

Instructor Comment:
Put a smile on your face--I double dog dare you!!

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Week 3: HU121 Film In Society (Star Wars IV)

Star Wars (1977) IMDb / Wikipedia / NetFlix

Discussion Question:
  • How are Han Solo and Ethan Edwards alike? 
  • How are they different? 
  • When Star Wars was released in 1977, audiences cheered for Hans Solo. 
  • Do you think audiences rooted on Ethan Edwards when The Searchers was first released in 1956? 
  • Why or why not?

Discussion Answer:
Ethan Edwards and Han Solo are both men who play by their own rules, have tough exteriors and defend what they feel strongly about. They are both excellent characters to have on your side.

The ways they are different are the way the handle the situations they are in. Han uses comedy to cope, while Ethan is hard nosed and while take in out on someone else. Han shots first, Ethan will not shoot immediately.

I believe audiences did root for Ethan when The Searchers was first released because at the end he saved Debbie. I do also believe for most of the movie, most viewers, were against him because how anger, bitter and horrible he treated a majority of people.

Assignment Question:
  1. Star Wars is, in many ways, a western set in outer space. Explain this statement. Use examples from the film to support your discussion.
  2. Many of the actors in the film are British, especially those representing the Empire. Think about Britain's history. How are the former British Empire and the Empire in this film alike? (You may want to do some research on the British Navy.)
  3. Who is the protagonist of this film, Luke or Hans Solo? Explain your answer.
  4. Who is the antagonist in this film? Explain your answer.
Assignment Answer:
  1. Star Wars is indeed a western set in space. A few examples of this are gunfights, a showdown, and a beautiful girl in need of a rescue. Another similar detail is that the cantina in Star Wars is very much like a saloon.
  2. The similarities between the Empire and the former British Empire are the vastness of their territories, the large quantity of soldiers and ships at each of their disposals, as well as each of their thirst for domination.
  3. Luke is the protagonist in this film because the story follows his journey as essentially an orphaned farm boy to Jedi warrior against a major enemy. A protagonist is also described as a hero and Luke saves Leah who has information which is used against the Empire in order to defeat them.
  4. The antagonist, a person or a group of people who oppose the main character, or the main characters, in this film is the Empire. The Empire's Stormtroopers killed Luke's Aunt & Uncle, kidnapped Princess Leah, and destroyed her home planet. 

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Week 2: HU121 Film In Society (The Searchers)

The Searchers (1956) IMDb / Wikipedia / NetFlix

Discussion Question:
Is Ethan Edwards a sympathetic character? Why or why not?

Discussion Answer:
Original Post
I believe John Wayne's character, Ethan Edwards, is a sympathetic character because his mother (initially), then his family and others close to him were savagely attacked and he is responding the best way he feels to avenge them. His hatred for the Comanche people isn't because of their race, but because of what they did to him.

Instructor Response
Although what you did say is very accurate/good, it does not presently have the thorough content that will earn full points.

Resubmitted Post
The character of Ethan Edwards, played brilliantly by John Wayne, is a very sympathetic character. Throughout the film there are many examples that support this statement. 

Firstly, after the initial attack, Ethan stopped Martin from seing what happen to Martha. He was protecting Martin from an unnecessary terror, so strongly that he knocked him down with a blow to the face. 

Secondly, when he found Lucy remains later from a brutal attack, Ethan chose not to tell Brad because of his possible reaction. When Brad did find out, his reaction to the information, got him killed.

For my final example, his strong expression of compassion in the film is in the final scene is when he is face to with Debbie and instead of killing her, he returns her back to home.

Assignment Question:
1. Discuss how the landscape of the film affects the storyline and your reaction to the story.

2. Compare and contrast Ethan and his brother Aron.

3. There is obviously a history between Martha and Ethan. Why do you think Martha married Aron instead?
4. Why did the film's writers choose to make Ethan a Confederate veteran? How does this impact his character and the choices he makes?
5. Does John Ford's use of lighting help to create meaning? If so, how?

Assignment Answer:
1. The landscape for this film is amazing, but being from Utah I my be a bit bias. At first the landscape is a distraction because it is claiming that it is Texas and from what I understand, Texas is fairly flat. That statement aside, the landscape added to the storyline very well. It showed how expansive and unpopulated the land was at that time, as well as desperate the times were to survive in the wild as well as back at the homestead.
2. When comparing Ethan and Aron, there a only a few similarities to point out. To them both, family is very important and they are willing to do what is necessary to protect them. Another similarity between them is their love for Martha. Although not explored in the film, you can tell that the feeling between Ethan and Martha are ver strong. The contrast between them is that Ethan was hardened by experience of a soldier and see the brutality of the what people are and can do. Aron did not have these experiences to affect his decision making. As Ethan eluded to in the film, he has done things that he is not proud of.
3. With the obvious history between Martha and Ethan, I believe she married Aron because he has been there for her while Ethan has been away. Ethan, also has been effected by the events in his life that have made him more hateful.
4. The writers of the film chose to make Ethan a Confederate veteran because he gave a backstory to how he feels towards certain situations (and enemies), as well as supporting the skills he need to get Debbie back from the Comanches. 
5. An example of Director John Ford use of lighting to create meaning in the film is just before the attack, the sky is a fire orange and red, likely to signify the looming attack and foreshadowing to the fires of the attack.

Bonus Info:


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Week 2: SS103 Global Citizenship (Reflection)

  • A fixing of the thoughts on something; careful consideration.
  • A thought occurring in consideration or meditation.
  • 4 Types
    • Continuous: Past, Present Future
    • Connected: Work, School, Family
    • Challenging
    • Context

Shown Video:


Take time to explore several heroes and what they have done.  You will write a brief paragraph for each hero.  You will have the opportunity to present one of your responses to a hero you read about.

Please consider the following as you write your responses
  1.  Why did you initially select this hero
  2. What is the background of the hero
  3. What led this hero to take action
  4.  Find the Inversion (discussed in class) and analyze it.
  5.  How does what this hero has done connect with you
  6. What is the lasting impact of this hero’s actions? (you may need to dig a little deeper to find this)

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HU121: Unit 1 Discussion Question ( No Film / No Assignment )

Discussion Question:
What is your favorite film ever? 
What genre is it classified as? 
Why is it your favorite film?

Discussion Answer:

BRAVEHEART has been my favorite film since I first saw it. Yes the film is long, but most good ones are (Lord Of The Rings Trilogy). What draws me to it is that it has a little bit of everything in it, such as a love story, revenge seeking, action, comedy and more. The only other film to come close to stealing this spot on the top of my list was True Grit from The Coen Brothers.

HU121 Film In Society (Online)

HU121 Film In Society

Students develop an appreciation of film as a visual art, examining ways in which films impact our culture, our economy, and our society.

Looking at Movies: An Introduction to Film, Barsam, 3e, W.W. Norton, 2009
ISBN: 9780393934632

Pocket Guide to APA Style (Bundle), Perrin, 4e, Cengage Learning, 2009
ISBN: 9781111121228

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  1. Discuss the importance film plays in our society and culture.
  2. Compare film to other forms of art.
  3. Explain the relationship among characters, events and meanings.
  4. Analyze different film genres and their effect on the audience.
  5. Critically evaluate the overall message of the film applying the use of props, settings, costumes, lighting, acting, cinematography, and sound.
  6. Demonstrate in writing or presentation, a knowledge of one or more of the above objectives.
  7. Demonstrate research methods in a project/presentation involving a discussion of a film in its historical and theoretical context.

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MK225: Unit 1 Internet Marketing

Discussion Question A:

Discussion Question B:
Chapter 2 describes how multimedia convergence is a promising area of internet development.  Some of the best examples of this are online video games, augmented reality, and apps for mobile devices like the Stella Artois le bar guide (see below)  which combines augmented reality, GPS, photography, social networks and a host of other technologies.  Find an example of multimedia convergence to share with the rest of the class and describe how the digitizing process makes it possible. (youtube is a great place to look for videos of examples as well as an example itself) Make sure you don’t use an example that another student has already used.

Discussion Answer B:
Being a Verizon customer, I recently got an iPhone and I am absolutely in love with it! Without it I am not sure if I would have an example for this question. That being said I have chosen to share the Instagram app. 

The app uses pictures taken with your camera and gives you options to provide different effects to it. Once you have chosen and applied the effects you can title it, geo-tag it, and share with numerous social networks.

Assignment Question:
Define General Purpose Technologies (GPT) that drive marketing changes.  What three characteristics do they have?  What are the three GPTs that form the foundation of internet marketing and how have they driven internet marketing?

Assignment Answer:
A General Purpose Technology (or GPT) that have driven market changes are Google. Google has many application that help individuals and businesses. Google Docs for example has reduced the need for word processing software and disc space. Google has made these documents pervasive by making them accessible in many different ways. Updates to the software and capabilities are occurring constantly. These updates and capabilities has caused other software providers (OpenOffice, Microsoft, Apple) of this software to innovate their offers as well to compete with Google’s free offering.

The three GPTs that form the foundation of internet marketing are the digital revolution, networking and individualization. The digital revolution has driven internet marketing by always evolving technologies such as computers and introducing new ones such as iPods/iPads, and using these technologies to share and communicate in a variety of like audio, video, photography and others. Networking has driven internet marketing by given individuals the ability to share products and services with customers they wouldn’t reach otherwise. Using Facebook as an example, I share a link with my friends that may in turn forward it to their friends and so on, much like word of mouth. Individualization has driven internet marketing by tuning in to the needs of the particular customer. Google and Facebook do this by tracking what sites and keywords you use and direct the advertising to mirror those needs and desires.