Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Week 2: MK225 - Internet Marketing

Discussion Question:
With Internet usage becoming increasingly mobile and social, marketers must find ways to reach consumer users away from their homes or businesses. Imagine you are employed by a concert venue. Create a way that a concert ticket vendor could reach out to consumers using online capabilities beyond traditional email. You should identify potential issues that could arise – for instance, historic consumer reluctance to make mobile phone numbers public – and suggest ways that marketers could address those concerns. Make sure you use concepts from this unit's assigned reading in your initial post.

Discussion Answer:
As I imagined being employed by a concert venue and thought about the ways to reach out to consumers using capabilities beyond traditional email. Facebook and YouTube came to mind automatically and are excellent resources but have setbacks as pushing too much information and harassing the people you are trying to attract. The concept I thought of was having a "street team" pushing the venue offline and online. Passing out flyers at similar shows with social media connection info provided, giving discounts to those using the social media connects and giving special prizes and access to the street team for providing their time.

Assignment Question:
Find an article related to social network marketing. Make sure your article was published in the last two years.  In the first 1-2 paragraphs, provide a summary of the article. In the next 1-2 paragraphs, explain how the information in this article relates to concepts in Chapter 3, such as Metcalf's Law, communication, or branding. Support your answer with evidence. Liberally incorporate concepts from our text.

Assignment Answer:

Social networks are becoming such an important and intricate part of everyone life, personally and professionally. The business world is quickly learning that these sites are viable advertising and marketing tools. The potential problem and disadvantage occurs when an individual is assigned to do work on these sites and becomes distracted with their personal affairs.

Some Businesses and schools are now having to make strict company policies when it comes to social networking sites. Policies like monitoring activity, blocking the site all together or making the individual requesting access to complete their work on the site. Meanwhile, other businesses schools encourage enriching everyones experience through these sites but stay within the company culture.

In the article, statistics are provide to “backup the popularity of social media” and at the speed that it is occurring, this is supported by Metcalf’s Law. Metcalf’s Law, according to our textbook, captures the idea that the number of possible connections between members of a network expands much faster than the count of the members. LinkedIn is an excellent real world example of this.

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