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Week 7: MK225 Internet Marketing (Communities)

Chapter 10-11

Discussion Question:
Many people participate in social networking sites such as Facebook or MySpace, as well as other online communities such as blogs. As a marketer, how would you advise firms seeking to interact with those communities and why that approach? What preference, if any, do you think people give to purchase recommendations that come from within those communities? How trustworthy do you think people consider other members of those communities to be? You will need information from our textbook and perhaps other sources to answer this question well.

Discussion Answer:
As a marketer,  I would advise firms seeking to interact with social network and blogging communities by instructing them to keep their content current (multiple times a day, if possible), creative (using multiple resources to provide many unique points of view) and credible (professions in your industry or similar). I fee that this approach will be the most engaging to most audiences and customers, by keep the content up to date and interesting should keep them interested and coming back (hopefully, daily) for more information. In the blogger community, I feel that the majority of them are trustworthy and sharing their experience as stay at home mom and the products or services they use and how well they work for her. Social network communities are tougher to gauge.

Assignment Question:
You are in charge of a new product launch. In a one page summary, identify five steps you would take as a marketer to develop early feedback using online resources. You should identify the potential benefit of each method, and explain how it could increase flexibility around the design process.

Assignment Answer:

I have been put in charge of launching a new product for our company. I have formatted an online strategy to get early feedback from our current and potential customer base through social media and other online resources. 

Facebook has more than 500 million active users with more than 250 million active users accessing it through their mobile devices. The potential benefit is the ability to access a large number of people at no cost. 

Twitter has more than 175 million registered. Like facebook this service is free and has the ability to reach a lot of people quickly and get instant feedback. Additionally, you can track how your message is through the use of hashtags (#). Formspring is a free online service that allows business and individuals to ask and answer questions. The potential benefit of this method would be the ability to a a very specific and direct question to users and potential users of the product. The customer would also be able to post the same type of questions to us.

Tumblr is a free online blogging service where you can post text, photos,quotes, links, music and video via your browser, phone, desktop, email and more. On the paying end of things, we could advertise via web banner and email blasts to increase exposure to the new product.

Week 7: HU121 Film In Society (Catch Me If You Can)

Discussion Question:
Do films like The GodfatherGoodfellasCasino, and Donny Brasco glorify the lives of those involved in organized crime? What about HBO's award-winning series The Sopranos? Why do so many people find Tony Soprano to be a sympathetic character? In Catch Me If You Can, Frank Abagnale, Jr. steals millions of dollars and lies his way through the world, yet somehow he remains relatable. Are these characters glorifying crime?

Discussion Answer:
I feel that films like The Godfather, Goodfellas, Casino and Donnie Brasco do glorify the lives of those involved in organized crime because they show that it is exciting, without consequence and can be quite profitable. This is also the case with the HBO's award-winning series The Sopranos. Tony Soprano is found to be a sympathetic character by many people because he is essentially a family man just trying to provide for them. Yes, these characters glorify crime, like I stated before because they show that it is exciting, without consequence and can be quite profitable.

Assignment Question:
  1. Compare and contrast Ethan Edwards (the protagonist in The Searchers) and Michael Corleone. If you watched Catch Me If You Can, contrast Ethan Edwards with Frank Abagnale, Jr. In what ways are they similar?  In what ways are they different? 
  2. Discuss the intercutting of the baptism scenes with the murders of the rival families.  What point is Coppola making about Michael? What point is he making about the sanctity of life? For those of you who watched Catch Me If You Can: Evaluate Leonardo DiCaprio's acting in this film and in general. The book describes him as a very versatile actor. Why?
  3. Don Corleone tells Michael that he had hoped he would be able to lead a different life than the one he chose, a life outside of the criminal world.  Do you think this would have been possible for Michael even if he had not? For those of you who watched, Catch Me If You Can: Compare and contrast Frank Abagnale, Jr. and Carl Hanratty. Who is the hero? Who is the villain? What motivates these men?
Assignment Answer:
  1. Ethan Edwards & Frank Abagnale, Jr. aren't necessarily evil people but they did live outside of the law. Ethan was outside of the law because he was seeking revenge for the tragedy that occurred to his family. Frank initially began being deceptive to meet girls and then into then excitement to see what he could actually get away with.
  2. Leonardo DiCaprio's acting in this film is one of his best, in my opinion.  It show how he can be a troubled son in one scene and a sauve airplane pilot in the next. Being able to do this is very important in this film because he is portraying someone who was able to deceive people for years on end. In general, Leonardo DiCaprio could do almost any role. From his start as a runaway on Growing Pains to a hopeless romantic in Titanic to a mentally handicapped boy in What's Eating Gilbert Grape? (or which he received he first Oscar nomination).
  3. Frank Abagnale, Jr. and Carl Hanratty both had damage family lives, which caused them to devote themselves entirely into their work. Their work just happened to be on different sides of the law. Frank is clearly the villain, but only because he is breaking the law. Carl is the hero because his job is to catch people breaking the law but can be deceptive in order to get what he needs. Ultimately though, Carl general does come clean to clear his conscience. 


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Week 6: HU121 Film In Society (2001: A Space Odyssey)

Discussion Question:
2001: A Space Odyssey examines the benefits as well as the hazards of technology. This film was groundbreaking in its day; many films with a similar theme have followed it, including Star Wars (think of the Death Star), The Terminator films, and I, Robot. How do you feel about the current advances in technology, specifically in robotics and computers? Do you see these advancements as completely beneficial or not? Why?

Discussion Answer:
The current advances in technology, specifically in robotics and computers are exciting and frightening at the same time. The advancement in medicine, crime investigation and mobile technology are extremely beneficial to the world by saving lives, solving crimes and improving communication. I see these advancements as very beneficial, especially in the case of emergencies.

Mid-Term Exam:

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Week 6: SS103 Global Citizenship

During the first week of class we took a Insights Discovery Test and now 6 weeks  later we find out the results. Very interesting.

I am in the process of scanning the document to share.


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Week 5: HU121 Film In Society (Rear Window)

Discussion Question:
Select one scene or sequence from Rear Window and discuss how Hitchcock used mise-en-scene to create suspense in that scene or sequence. Describe the scene. How was it framed? Where were the characters placed in relation to the camera and to each other? Was it open or closed framed? Was there music or other sound effects? How did all these elements come together to create suspense (or humor, or fear, or sadness, etc)?

Discussion Answer:
The scene that came immediately to my mind after reading this discussion question was the scene where the girls hunt around for evidence of Hanna Thornwell. Lisa has enters into the apartment, after no luck searching in the garden, through the window and begins searching there. The closed frame shot, taken from afar, as if from Jeffs point of view. Their are no sounds effects in the scene just the soft music being played the band in another apartment. Together all these elements heightened the anxiety being experienced by Jeff and Stella, as well as the fear being experienced by Lisa. 

Assignment Question
  1. Discuss the sound design in the film. How did the score create mood? Give examples of scenes and explain how the mood would have changed with a different score. 
  2. Discuss the pacing of this film. How does the pacing create tension? Give examples.
  3. Hitchcock often uses a plot device called a "macguffin." Was there a macguffin in this film? What is a macguffin? Explain this in your own words.

Assignment Answer:
  1. In Rear Window, there is very little sound due to the distance that Jeff is away from everybody else. There was music played in another apartment that was heard and even distracted Lids while she was in Thornwell's apartment. With a different score like the one in Birds, for example, would have taken all intimacy out of the film.
  2. The pacing for Rear Window is very slow. The tension is created by slowly giving us hints and clues to everyones story but no full details until the end when everyone is revealed. For example, there are clues about Thornwell killing his wife but we aren't sure until he is attack Jeff so it doesn't get out.
  3. Thornwell's wife's wedding ring is the macguffin in Rear Window because she wouldn't take it off for any reason. A macguffin is an object in a film the drives the action. For example, in Back To The Future, part II, the sports almanac is the macguffin because all action is to recover it from Biff before he uses it.

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Week 5: SS103 Global Citizenship

Reflection #2:

Identify a group you are associated with: My Family

  • How does this group engage you? My family engages me on multiple levels. My wife keeps me in line and thoughtful about my business and the maintaining of our home together. She also helps me to be a better communicator with here and others. My son teaches me patience and toleration when dealing with his high spiritedness.
  • What are the positives of your group involvement? The positives that come from my involvement is they push me to better myself, better provide for them and to be more thoughtful of others.
  • What do you get out of it? It's beyond words. In the short 4 years that my son has been around, I have learned more than my previous 30 years.
  • What are the negatives of your group involvement? I am generally the one blamed for things when they go sour.
  • What do you give to it? At times I am not sure. I do try to share the things I have learned and learned from so they will not make the same mistakes.
Watch the following videos.
Where The Hell Is Matt? 

How the Hell Did Matt Get People to Dance With Him?

  • What does Matt Harding teach you about the power of group involvement?  Matt teaches us that anything is possible, and through his activities he can share different cultures and situations that would not be known about otherwise.
  • How does Matt involve people? Matt invites groups of people to dance badly with him in front of mostly well know international landmarks through recruiting them through twitter, facebook and other means.

Week 4: SS103 - Global Citizenship

Reflection #1

Please read the attached (essay) and watch this video:

Please type, and submit to Reflection 1, your responses to the following questions:
  1. What does it mean to be a citizen?
  2. What does "Our noble, essential decency" and "Father Knows Best" teach you about giving
  3. How will you use our conversation tonight and the videos we watched to improve your citizenship?
  1. Being a citizen means using your time to betterment in your social, political, national or human resource communities, through volunteering or donations.
  2. "Our Noble, Essential Decency" teaches me that nearly everyone is essentially good and willing to give. "Father Knows Best" taught me that giving under almost circumstance generally works out for the best.
  3. The essay and video reminded me that their are less fortunate all around us and that it needs to be a priority of mine to help as much as I can.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Week 4: MK 225 Internet Marketing

Discussion Question:

Select a popular content (news, information) website and identify all of the potential revenue sources that exist on the site. You should identify any forms of sponsorship and banner advertising. You should also address whether the site employs keyword or commission advertising strategies and whether the site has any unique online revenue from a product or service that could not otherwise exist. Choose a website that another student in this class hasn't already posted about for this unit.

Discussion Answer:

I selected the Huffington Post ( for the purpose of this discussion question. The site seems to use multiple avenue when it comes to their advertising. On some pages, there are multiple ads from the same company (sponsored), while their are single ads for different companies (commission). All or most products (fashion clothing, services, etc.) advertised on Huffington Post can and likely do exist elsewhere online.

Assignment Question:
Go to a news web site such as CNN's or MSN's sites. Explore the site. Walk through the possible closed loop marketing steps for various advertisers on the site. In a one page summary, assess how many revenue sources you can identify on each site. You should be looking not only for obvious sources such as banner advertising, but also try to determine whether the site has sponsorship revenue, keyword advertising or potential commission revenues. Next, click through some of the obvious revenue sources – a banner ad is a good starting point. Are you directed to the product home page, or to another promotional site? Are you asked to register with the site? What other methods might exist for tracking the customer contact but are not evident?

Assignment Answer:

I selected the Huffington Post ( for the purpose of this assignment question.

To start off, the way Huffington Post presents their advertising is not invasive. There is a advertising banner on the top of each page (except the home page) above the header that promotes a product or service that may have a connection with the content presented via keyword advertising.
As I move down the page, the next example of advertising I see, is a featured link to AOL Music, Engadget, MovieFone, or TechCrunch, depending on the page. These sites are all from AOL, so I would assume they are all sponsored advertising links.

The next advertising spot on the Huffington Post website is a square banner on the right side of the website, under the main headline photo. Much like the like the header advertisement promotes products that may have a connection to the content. On the home page, the ads are for very general product though like Living Social, automobiles, insurance and hotels.

The final advertising spot that I located on the page is about farther down the page on the left side that is the same size as the other square advertisement and has the same or similar content as the the other square advertisement.
When I click on the ads, the majority of them connect directly to the websites, except for the insurance ads offering quotes. These insurance links bring you to a form to fill out your information.