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MK230: Unit 1 - Assignment

Chapter 1, Question #10
Why is it important for those who work in marketing to understand and appreciate all the various integrated marketing communication tools and  how they can be used?
It is important for those who work in marketing to understand and appreciate all the various integrated marketing communication tools because the tools are an avenue to send a consistent message about the company and/or it’s brands to customers are become less responsive to traditional advertising.

Chapter 2, Question #9
A number of companies have tried to reposition themselves in the marketplace. Some have been successful: other have not. Cite examples of both. What are the factors that you think led to their success or failure?
Apple is an amazing example of a business who repositioned themselves very strong after some downfall. The factors that I think led them to their success are strong products, relatable advertising and clean yet classic product and store design. Although PEPSI is the second largest soft drink company they lack the long  running success that Coca-Cola had when it comes to branding. They are constantly changing focus and updating their logo. The factors that led them to their (perceived) failure, (at least in my eyes) is the lack of a consistent feel for their brand. Coca has the contoured bottle and their basically unchanged logo as icons of their company.

Chapter 2, Question #10 
Companies price their products at different levels. Some are positioned as “price” products while others take on a position of “Luxury goods.” Describe how the price positioning of a product or brand leads to different strategies for each of the other marketing variables of product, distribution, and promotion.
Price positioning leads to different strategies for products by using their high quality showing the consumers specific characters or benefits offered ad comparing them to competitors and how their products are superior. Price positioning leads to different strategies for distribution because a product developed in another country generally is priced to cover the import  costs. Price positioning leads to different strategies for promotions by giving the producers of the products the ability to reduce the cost for a sale or combining prices with other products to make package deals.

HU121: Unit 2 - Assignment Questions

Assignment Question
Critical Thinking Questions: The Searchers
  1. Discuss how the landscape of the film affects the storyline and your reaction to the story.
  2. Compare and contrast Ethan and his brother Aron.
  3. There is obviously a history between Martha and Ethan. Why do you think Martha married Aron instead?
  4. Why did the film's writers choose to make Ethan a Confederate veteran? How does this impact his character and the choices he makes?
  5. Does John Ford's use of lighting help to create meaning? If so, how? 
Assignment Answer

The landscape for this film is amazing, but being from Utah I my be a bit bias. At first the landscape is a distraction because it is claiming that it is Texas and from what I understand, Texas is fairly flat. That statement aside, the landscape added to the storyline very well. It showed how expansive and unpopulated the land was at that time, as well as desperate the times were to survive in the wild as well as back at the homestead.
When comparing Ethan and Aron, there a only a few similarities to point out. To them both, family is very important and they are willing to do what is necessary to protect them. Another similarity between them is their love for Martha. Although not explored in the film, you can tell that the feeling between Ethan and Martha are ver strong. The contrast between them is that Ethan was hardened by experience of a soldier and see the brutality of the what people are and can do. Aron did not have these experiences to affect his decision making. As Ethan eluded to in the film, he has done things that he is not proud of.
With the obvious history between Martha and Ethan, I believe she married Aron because he has been there for her while Ethan has been away. Ethan, also has been effected by the events in his life that have made him more hateful.
The writers of the film chose to make Ethan a Confederate veteran because he gave a backstory to how he feels towards certain situations (and enemies), as well as supporting the skills he need to get Debbie back from the Comanches. 
An example of Director John Ford use of lighting to create meaning in the film is just before the attack, the sky is a fire orange and red, likely to signify the looming attack and foreshadowing to the fires of the attack.

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HU121: Unit 2 - Discussion Question

The Searchers (1956) IMDb / Wikipedia / NetFlix

Discussion Question:

Is Ethan Edwards a sympathetic character? Why or why not?

Discussion Answer:
The character of Ethan Edwards, played brilliantly by John Wayne, is a very sympathetic character. Throughout the film there are many examples that support this statement. 
Firstly, after the initial attack, Ethan stopped Martin from seing what happen to Martha. He was protecting Martin from an unnecessary terror, so strongly that he knocked him down with a blow to the face. 
Secondly, when he found Lucy remains later from a brutal attack, Ethan chose not to tell Brad because of his possible reaction. When Brad did find out, his reaction to the information, got him killed.
For my final example, his strong expression of compassion in the film is in the final scene is when he is face to with Debbie and instead of killing her, he returns her back to home.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

CA100: Basic Drawing I - Paper Weights & Fibers

  • Grammage
    • metric measure of paper weight
    • grams per square meter
  • Basic Weight
    • pounds per ream (ream = 500 sheets of paper)
    • dimension: dimensions of an "uncut" vary depending on the type of paper.
    • For example
      • Newsprint: uncut sheet dimension is 24" x 36"
      • Copy Paper: uncut sheet dimension is 17" x 22"
      • Book Paper: uncut sheet dimension is 25" x 38"
The standard weight of machine-made paper are:
  • 90 lb (190 gsm)
  • 140 lb (300 gsm)
  • 300 lb (638 gsm)
*when you are working with watercolor, paper less than 260 lb should be stretched before use to prevent warping.

Unit Conversion
  • 1 inch = 2.54 cm
  • 1 foot = 3.48 cm
  • 1 oz = 28.35 g
  • 1 lb = 453.6 g
  • Cotton Paper (rag paper) is made from 100% cotton fibers, and is naturally acid free. Cotton has the longest and strongest fibers. Strathmore 500 series is 100% cotton paper.
  • Cellulose paper (wood pulp-based paper) is low to mid quality paper and has the shortest fibers. Newsprint and construction paper are both made from cellulose. Cellulose papers are more acidic and are not archival.
  • Combination Paper is a mixture of wood and cotton fiber. It is generally considered a multipurpose paper. Regular Bristol boards, pastel, charcoal paper are combination papers.

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MK230: Unit 2 - Discussion Question

Discussion Question:
Describe two ads that used celebrity endorsers, one in which the celebrity was a source bolster to you and one in which the celebrity was a source derogation. Explain why they were a source bolster and a source derogation to you. How does the appearance of the celebrity in this ad impact your purchase decision towards this product? Would you buy it or not? Why?

Discussion Answer:
When I first read this discussion question,  I immediately knew which ads exactly to explore that use celebrity endorsers. The ad that came to mind that with a celebrity source bolster is the Feeding America ads featuring Matt Damon as well as others. These ads feature these celebrities acting as everyday people who come into the need for a food bank or other services, with the ad ending in asking you to "find your role" in volunteering with Feeding America. Matt Damon is a well respected actor and people relate with him because he is done to earth and feels like an old friend. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the ad that came to mind featuring a celebrity as the source derogation is the Carl's Jr ad featuring Paris Hilton washing a car in a provocative manner followed by eating a burger. The ad played upon her limited abilities and featured he perceived best quality, her body. The appearance of celebrities in ads rarely impact my decision to purchase a product, I generally refer to reviews and word of mouth. The appearances do make the ads memorable and in the long run may inspire a later purchase.

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MK230: Unit 1 - Discussion Questions A-C

Discussion Question A:
Introduce yourself and tell the class a little about your background, your level of experience with distance education, and your level of expertise with advertising and promotion. You can find my background information in the Meet Your Instructor section of the course room. Share with the class one of your favorite advertising or promotional campaigns.
Discussion Answer A:
My name is Dylan John Mazziotti, I am a Utah based freelance Graphic Designer & Artist. I have founded my own freelance firm called Lennon Design in 2009. I have been interning at a local radio station (x96), working on small design projects since May of 2010. 
As for previous experience that I have had with "distance education," I had a few classes at my previous school (Eagle Gate College) where I earned two associate degrees. Then, 2 of my 3 classes last term were online.
Apple's Mac vs. PC advertising campaign is one of my favorite campaigns. What I enjoyed about the commercial is the way that Apple used comedy to show how Apple products are better than Microsoft's. I also commend them for even poking fun at themselves. I was deeply saddened when the campaign was discontinued.

Discussion Question B:
Why is it important to develop promotion and advertising for a product? What part does advertising and promotion play in Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)? Briefly describe a promotional and advertising campaign that you have recently seen or heard. Was it a success or a failure? Why?
Discussion Answer B:
It is important to develop promotion and advertising for a product because the consumers need to know the service the product provides or the solution the product solves. The consumers also need to know the importance the product will serve in their way of life.
The parts advertising and promotion plays in Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) are the content for all the forms of communications via Facebook or Twitter, as well as television, radio and/or print.
The recent campaign that comes to mind the that uses IMC is Old Spice campaign. The campaign started as a television commercial, with an amazing response and media coverage. Old Spice then took advantage of their YouTube channel to do spinoffs. They also sell t-shirts and other products through their website.

Old Spice Links:

Discussion Question C:
Many industries are finding that consumers are turning away from using middlemen and doing more things for themselves. For example, prospective home buyers can use the Internet to view listings and find a home without using a real estate broker. Investors are making their own choices using services such as E Trade. What do you think of the future of advertising agencies? Will companies turn more towards producing their own ads? (Don’t think just in terms of TV, either. Ads come in a variety of media – TV, Radio, Print, Internet). Will their own marketing departments take on the role of the advertising agency or are agencies here to stay? Support your position.
Discussion Answer C:
There are arguments to support both sides of this argument out there. But, I think the future of advertising agencies are safe because not every business out there will be able to develop these departments. Some don't have the budget, space or know-how to do an effective job. With Facebook and Twitter is very possible for companies to produce some of their campaigns on their own. Overall though, larger scaled promotions will need outside agencies to provide high quality work. I believe agencies are here to say!

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HU121: Unit 1 - Assignment

Assignment Question:
No Assignment Given.

Assignment Answer:

Suggested Resource:

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CA100: Basic Drawing I (Syllabus)

Course Description:
In this class the student learns basic skills and techniques in drawing from observation. The Student draws from object in nature and still life concentrating on basic shapes, forms, light and dark, shading. Fundamental goals are to learn to judge proportion, space, depth, form space, and composition.


Pencil Sharpener
Graphite Stick #4B
Conte Crayon
Felt Tip Marker
Paper Towels or Cleaning Rags

Upon Completion of this course you will be able to:
  1. Draw and sketch with confidence basic shapes, objects, and forms.
  2. Quick sketch from observation.
  3. Understand basic division of two-dimension space in composition.
  4. Shade and gradate a drawing

Monday, July 18, 2011

HU121: Film In Society, Unit 1 - Discussion Question

Discussion Question:
What is your favorite film ever? 
What genre is it classified as? 
Why is it your favorite film?

Discussion Answer:
When I am what my favorite film is, I have to answer hands down... Braveheart. Braveheart is considered to be in the action-adventure genre. The reason I consider Braveheart my favorite film is because of the amazing scenery the is prominently featured in the opening segment. Another thing that I admire was the casting of the young William Wallace, how did the find a kid with those same piercing blue eyes. Additionally, I love the battle scenes, even as bloody as some of them are... they are well choreographed and edited. Mel Gibson, does a amazing job as the director and actor in this film. 
Grade: 100%

Official / IMDb / Wikipedia


MK230: Advertising & Promotion (Syllabus)


Prerequisite: MK205. 

This course introduces advertising and promotion management, emphasizing the role of advertising and promotion in an organization's marketing and communications. Topics include regulatory, social and economic aspects of advertising.


Advertising and Promotion
Belch, 8e, McGraw-Hill, 2008
ISBN: 9780073381091

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:
  1. Analyze the target audience.
  2. Create and effectively apply advertising and promotion objectives to meet organizational goals.
  3. Describe the advantage and disadvantages of various media.
  4. Develop an integrated marketing communications plan.
  5. Identify and analyze the ethical, legal and social issues involved in advertising and promotion.
  6. Demonstrate the creative process in developing an advertisement.
Meet Your Instructor: Jon Stanbaugh
I have worked for a number of large corporations the past 15 years. I have taught a variety of business related classes, both residentially and online for over eight years. I have an MBA from Metropolitan State University, in Minneapolis. My undergrad degree is in Marketing. I like you am a student, currently working on my Doctorate at St. Mary's University. I finished my course work in April and completed my comprehensive exam in September. I now need to complete my dissertation. The number listed above is for a voicemail service. If you leave me a message, it will prompt me on email that you have done so. I look forward to working with you this quarter as we learn about advertising and promotion. If you have specific questions during the course, please let me know. 

HU121: Film In Society (Syllabus)

Prerequisite: None. 
Students develop an appreciation of film as a visual art, examining ways in which films impact our culture, our economy, and our society.


Looking at Movies: An Introduction to Film
Barsam, 3e, W.W. Norton, 2009
ISBN: 9780393934632

Pocket Guide to APA Style
Perrin, 4e, Cengage Learning, 2011
ISBN: 9780495912637


Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  1. Discuss the importance film plays in our society and culture.
  2. Compare film to other forms of art.
  3. Explain the relationship among characters, events and meanings.
  4. Analyze different film genres and their effect on the audience.
  5. Critically evaluate the overall message of the film applying the use of props, settings, costumes, lighting, acting, cinematography, and sound.
  6. Demonstrate in writing or presentation, a knowledge of one or more of the above objectives.
  7. Demonstrate research methods in a project/presentation involving a discussion of a film in its historical and theoretical context.

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New Term Begins Today! (Early Fall 2011)

After a less than stellar term, We are jumping back into this after a 3 week break.
Take that, Eagle Gate! (2 Days?)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Event: Student Community Council

Much different than I was expecting. Total GeekFest.
Learned a few things about Anime, Super Heroes, etc...  Films that I didn't before.

Stay tuned.