Thursday, July 21, 2011

MK230: Unit 1 - Discussion Questions A-C

Discussion Question A:
Introduce yourself and tell the class a little about your background, your level of experience with distance education, and your level of expertise with advertising and promotion. You can find my background information in the Meet Your Instructor section of the course room. Share with the class one of your favorite advertising or promotional campaigns.
Discussion Answer A:
My name is Dylan John Mazziotti, I am a Utah based freelance Graphic Designer & Artist. I have founded my own freelance firm called Lennon Design in 2009. I have been interning at a local radio station (x96), working on small design projects since May of 2010. 
As for previous experience that I have had with "distance education," I had a few classes at my previous school (Eagle Gate College) where I earned two associate degrees. Then, 2 of my 3 classes last term were online.
Apple's Mac vs. PC advertising campaign is one of my favorite campaigns. What I enjoyed about the commercial is the way that Apple used comedy to show how Apple products are better than Microsoft's. I also commend them for even poking fun at themselves. I was deeply saddened when the campaign was discontinued.

Discussion Question B:
Why is it important to develop promotion and advertising for a product? What part does advertising and promotion play in Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)? Briefly describe a promotional and advertising campaign that you have recently seen or heard. Was it a success or a failure? Why?
Discussion Answer B:
It is important to develop promotion and advertising for a product because the consumers need to know the service the product provides or the solution the product solves. The consumers also need to know the importance the product will serve in their way of life.
The parts advertising and promotion plays in Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) are the content for all the forms of communications via Facebook or Twitter, as well as television, radio and/or print.
The recent campaign that comes to mind the that uses IMC is Old Spice campaign. The campaign started as a television commercial, with an amazing response and media coverage. Old Spice then took advantage of their YouTube channel to do spinoffs. They also sell t-shirts and other products through their website.

Old Spice Links:

Discussion Question C:
Many industries are finding that consumers are turning away from using middlemen and doing more things for themselves. For example, prospective home buyers can use the Internet to view listings and find a home without using a real estate broker. Investors are making their own choices using services such as E Trade. What do you think of the future of advertising agencies? Will companies turn more towards producing their own ads? (Don’t think just in terms of TV, either. Ads come in a variety of media – TV, Radio, Print, Internet). Will their own marketing departments take on the role of the advertising agency or are agencies here to stay? Support your position.
Discussion Answer C:
There are arguments to support both sides of this argument out there. But, I think the future of advertising agencies are safe because not every business out there will be able to develop these departments. Some don't have the budget, space or know-how to do an effective job. With Facebook and Twitter is very possible for companies to produce some of their campaigns on their own. Overall though, larger scaled promotions will need outside agencies to provide high quality work. I believe agencies are here to say!

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