Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Unit 2: MK225 - Internet Marketing (Discussion Question)

Unit 2 Timeframe:
October 10th - 16th, 2011

Required Reading:
Read Chapter 3 of your textbook, Internet Marketing and e-Commerce.

Discussion Question:

With Internet usage becoming increasingly mobile and social, marketers must find ways to reach consumer users away from their homes or businesses. Imagine you are employed by a concert venue. Create a way that a concert ticket vendor could reach out to consumers using online capabilities beyond traditional email. You should identify potential issues that could arise – for instance, historic consumer reluctance to make mobile phone numbers public – and suggest ways that marketers could address those concerns. Make sure you use concepts from this unit's assigned reading in your initial post.

Discussion Answer:
As an employee of a concert venue and given the task of reaching out to consumers using capabilities beyond traditional email, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are the most obvious choices and will be part of the strategy. My recommendation would be the concept of developing a "street team" that would be promoting the venue offline and on. They would hand out flyers, postcards and other promotion items near or at the venue during various shows, as well as promoting online by giving away prizes, VIP access and discounts to new consumers or new "street team" recruits.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Unit 1: MK225 Internet Marketing (Assignment Question)

Assignment Question:
Define General Purpose Technologies (GPT) that drive marketing changes.  What three characteristics do they have?  What are the three GPTs that form the foundation of internet marketing and how have they driven internet marketing?
Please submit your work in an attached MS Word document and include your first initial, last name as part of the file.

Assignment Answer:
A General Purpose Technology (or GPT) that has been instrumental in driving market changes in Google. Google has a virtual toolbox of different applications that compete with almost every market and business out there. They are the top search engine in the world which drives changes from Yahoo! and Microsoft's Bing.

The three GPTs that form the foundation of internet marketing are the digital revolution, networking and individualization. The digital revolution has driven internet marketing by always evolving technologies such as computers and introducing new ones such as iPods/iPads, and using these technologies to share and communicate in a variety of like audio, video, photography and others. Networking has driven internet marketing by given individuals the ability to share products and services with customers they wouldn’t reach otherwise. Using Facebook as an example, I share a link with my friends that may in turn forward it to their friends and so on, much like word of mouth. Individualization has driven internet marketing by tuning in to the needs of the particular customer. Google and Facebook do this by tracking what sites and keywords you use and direct the advertising to mirror those needs and desires.

Hanson, W. & Kalyanam K. (2007). Internet Marketing & E-Commerce. Mason, OH: Thompson Higher Learning.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Unit 1: MK225 - Internet Marketing (Discussion Questions)

A New Term Begins. FALL 2011.

After the past couple of terms, which have not been a picnic...
It is time for a new beginning, which is good I needed to reboot of sorts.

Retaking Internet Marketing.
Long story short... I have to get at least a B.

Wish me luck.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

HU121: Unit 10 - Reading & Discussion Question

Assigned Reading:
Looking At Movies, by Barsam and Monahan
Read Chapter 11

Discussion Question:
Paranormal Activity is a recent addition to our nation's long history of horror films. What's your favorite scary movie of all time? Using your knowledge of film and the vocabulary from this class, tell us what makes it so scary. It would help to describe the sound, the shots, the acting, the lighting, and so on. Make us believe it really is the scariest movie out there!

Discussion Answer:

In general, I am not a fan of horror genre at all. That being said I do have a few films of the genre that I do enjoy. Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece The Shining is one of those few films. Throughout the presentation of the film, many different types of shots are used to build the suspense and the fear. 
Through the use of many creepy close up shots, especially of Jack Nicholson, raising his signature eyebrows help illustrate the insanity going on inside his head. Another example of different shots is when the family is traveling up to the hotel, there is a high-angle shot done from a helicopter, following them giving the sense they are being watched. Another type of shot that is used quite frequently in the film are jump shots. The shot that comes to mind is when Danny is riding his three wheel around and sees the twin girls and the shot is jumping from a full-body shot to a close-up shot to create tension.
Jack Nicholson, one of my favorite actors, is extremely creepy in this film. He really makes you think that he is completely out of his mind. The way he speaks the lines. The way he expressed with his face. Amazing work!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

MK230: Unit 9 - Assignment & Quiz

Assignment Question:

In Unit 9, we will be completing our studies of an Integrated Marketing Communications program. For your homework assignment in Unit 9, you will complete a course in SkillPort called "Promoting Your Brand to Consumers." This course is designed to help you understand how to implement strategies to conceive, build, and execute a successful integrated marketing communication program for your organization's brand identity. You will have until the end of Unit 9 to complete this course. Once finished, complete a memo describing your experience with the course. A template is located in the Assignment Files link of this Unit. Answer all of the questions from the template in your memo. Submit this memo as your assignment.

To access this course go to the GEN SkillPort tab.  Click in the User ID box and enter your user name.  Your user name will be the same as your GEN e-mail name.  For most students it will be firstname.lastname (ex: jane.doe).  Your password is student.  Then press enter.  In the search box type in the name of the course.  Click on the title to access the content.

Complete the "Promoting Your Brand to Consumers" course in SkillPort. Then create your completion memo. 

Assignment Answer:


Thursday, September 15, 2011

HU121: Unit 9 - Assigned Reading & Discussion Question

Assigned Reading:
Read Chapters 9 & 10 
Looking At Movies

Discussion Question:
What films have you seen that succeed in both educating you and entertaining you?  Do you believe the films were intended to be both educational and entertaining, or was the educational aspect a defult of the subject matter.  Elaborate on your response.

Discussion Answer:
When I consider films that have both educated and entertained me, one of the first films that comes to my mind are the documentary films of Morgan Spurlock. He broke onto the scene with Super Size Me, which explored the effect of the McDonald's menu on a person over a 30 day period. He approaches each subject with humor, even as he got sicker and sicker near the end of the film. I learned a lot more from his style of presentation of then I would have if it would have been presented in any other way. He also had a had an amazing television show called 30 DAYS where he would live someone else life for... 30 days. Michael Moore, director of Fahrenheit 911 (about September 11th) and Bowling For Columbine (about gun control), also presents his subject manner is a comedic fashion as well. Although the subjects are very serious, Michael Moore presents in a way that make you think deeper into the attitudes and why each side thinks the way they do. Some of the sides ideas can be way out there which creates the comedy.

Super Size Me: