Thursday, September 15, 2011

HU121: Unit 9 - Assigned Reading & Discussion Question

Assigned Reading:
Read Chapters 9 & 10 
Looking At Movies

Discussion Question:
What films have you seen that succeed in both educating you and entertaining you?  Do you believe the films were intended to be both educational and entertaining, or was the educational aspect a defult of the subject matter.  Elaborate on your response.

Discussion Answer:
When I consider films that have both educated and entertained me, one of the first films that comes to my mind are the documentary films of Morgan Spurlock. He broke onto the scene with Super Size Me, which explored the effect of the McDonald's menu on a person over a 30 day period. He approaches each subject with humor, even as he got sicker and sicker near the end of the film. I learned a lot more from his style of presentation of then I would have if it would have been presented in any other way. He also had a had an amazing television show called 30 DAYS where he would live someone else life for... 30 days. Michael Moore, director of Fahrenheit 911 (about September 11th) and Bowling For Columbine (about gun control), also presents his subject manner is a comedic fashion as well. Although the subjects are very serious, Michael Moore presents in a way that make you think deeper into the attitudes and why each side thinks the way they do. Some of the sides ideas can be way out there which creates the comedy.

Super Size Me:

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