Tuesday, September 6, 2011

MK230: Unit 8 - Reading & Discussion Question

Assigned Reading:
Read Chapters 19 & 20 (Page 620-689)
Advertising And Promotion by Belch and Belch

Discusion Question:
What examples of advertising and promotion have you seen recently that have been done by companies outside the U.S.? Did they do a good job of communicating with an American audience? If they did, what was good about it (using what we've learned in this class)? If not, how did it fail? 
NOTE: The focus is on examples of companies from outside of the US as they advertise in the US. It is not about US companies advertising overseas.

Discussion Answer:
FIAT, an Italian brand, recently became a US brand through a contract. Before then, FIAT was known worldwide as a small sporty car. For the launch of this contract, they have updated the design of their cars and their logo as well. To communicate with an American audience through social media and a playful website. They are communicating well through Facebook and YouTube. Building the excitement through showing events and news in those venues.

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