Monday, July 25, 2011

MK230: Unit 2 - Discussion Question

Discussion Question:
Describe two ads that used celebrity endorsers, one in which the celebrity was a source bolster to you and one in which the celebrity was a source derogation. Explain why they were a source bolster and a source derogation to you. How does the appearance of the celebrity in this ad impact your purchase decision towards this product? Would you buy it or not? Why?

Discussion Answer:
When I first read this discussion question,  I immediately knew which ads exactly to explore that use celebrity endorsers. The ad that came to mind that with a celebrity source bolster is the Feeding America ads featuring Matt Damon as well as others. These ads feature these celebrities acting as everyday people who come into the need for a food bank or other services, with the ad ending in asking you to "find your role" in volunteering with Feeding America. Matt Damon is a well respected actor and people relate with him because he is done to earth and feels like an old friend. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the ad that came to mind featuring a celebrity as the source derogation is the Carl's Jr ad featuring Paris Hilton washing a car in a provocative manner followed by eating a burger. The ad played upon her limited abilities and featured he perceived best quality, her body. The appearance of celebrities in ads rarely impact my decision to purchase a product, I generally refer to reviews and word of mouth. The appearances do make the ads memorable and in the long run may inspire a later purchase.

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