Thursday, July 28, 2011

HU121: Unit 2 - Discussion Question

The Searchers (1956) IMDb / Wikipedia / NetFlix

Discussion Question:

Is Ethan Edwards a sympathetic character? Why or why not?

Discussion Answer:
The character of Ethan Edwards, played brilliantly by John Wayne, is a very sympathetic character. Throughout the film there are many examples that support this statement. 
Firstly, after the initial attack, Ethan stopped Martin from seing what happen to Martha. He was protecting Martin from an unnecessary terror, so strongly that he knocked him down with a blow to the face. 
Secondly, when he found Lucy remains later from a brutal attack, Ethan chose not to tell Brad because of his possible reaction. When Brad did find out, his reaction to the information, got him killed.
For my final example, his strong expression of compassion in the film is in the final scene is when he is face to with Debbie and instead of killing her, he returns her back to home.

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