Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Week 5: SS103 Global Citizenship

Reflection #2:

Identify a group you are associated with: My Family

  • How does this group engage you? My family engages me on multiple levels. My wife keeps me in line and thoughtful about my business and the maintaining of our home together. She also helps me to be a better communicator with here and others. My son teaches me patience and toleration when dealing with his high spiritedness.
  • What are the positives of your group involvement? The positives that come from my involvement is they push me to better myself, better provide for them and to be more thoughtful of others.
  • What do you get out of it? It's beyond words. In the short 4 years that my son has been around, I have learned more than my previous 30 years.
  • What are the negatives of your group involvement? I am generally the one blamed for things when they go sour.
  • What do you give to it? At times I am not sure. I do try to share the things I have learned and learned from so they will not make the same mistakes.
Watch the following videos.
Where The Hell Is Matt? 

How the Hell Did Matt Get People to Dance With Him?

  • What does Matt Harding teach you about the power of group involvement?  Matt teaches us that anything is possible, and through his activities he can share different cultures and situations that would not be known about otherwise.
  • How does Matt involve people? Matt invites groups of people to dance badly with him in front of mostly well know international landmarks through recruiting them through twitter, facebook and other means.

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