Thursday, August 11, 2011

MK230: Unit 4 - Discussion Question

Discussion Question:
What is an ad that you have seen that had high reach? An ad with high frequency? An ad with both? Which influences you more - a high reach ad or a high frequency ad? Why?

Discussion Answer:
An ad that I have seen that has high reach is for semi truck awareness. It is prominently displayed in a major section along our major freeway I-15 and contains a shocking graphic of a semi hitting a car from behind. What makes the ad so spectacular is that it is done in three dimensions and kinda graphic (I will try to get a picture for everyone to check out). The only ads that I can really think of that have a high frequency are the GEICO Insurance ads. I am always either hearing them on the radio and online or seeing them on television. I even see them from time to time on billboards. Some are ok, but most tend to annoy me. Of the two types of ads, I would have to say that the high reach ads have more influence on me because if I see or hear things too much I tend to block them out.

GEICO Ad: ...Annoying.

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