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MK230: Unit 5 - Assignment

Assignment Questions:
Click on the Assignment Files link and download the file which contains a case study on the California Cheese marketing campaign. (The file is also available from the text's web site under Case Studies.) Read the case and answer Discussion Questions 1-4 at the end of the case. Complete your work in a Word file. 
California Milk Advisory Board Case

  1. Analyze the “Happy Cows” campaign that was developed for the California Milk Advisory Board to promote Real California Cheese from an integrated marketing communications perspective.  Why do you think the campaign has been so successful? 
  2. What was the role and importance of the Real California Cheese certification mark in implementing the positioning and IMC program elements?  How and where was it implemented?  Do you think it made a difference to the program?
  3. What was the role of advertising in establishing the Real California Cheese brand personality?  What were the constraints the advertising agency had to work around in developing the campaign?  How would you describe the personality that was created?  What are the pros and cons of the advertising approach?  Can the campaign be continued indefinitely?  If not, how might it be changed or adapted going forward?
  4. What role did consumer promotion play in generating trial and awareness of Real California Cheese?  Which tactics were used?  Which were most effective and why?  How did the consumer promotion tactics reinforce or supplement other marketing elements such as advertising, trade promotion, or public relations?

Assignment Answer:
  1. After analyzing the "Happy Cows" campaign, that was developed for the California Milk Advisory board to promote Real California Cheese, I feel the campaign has been so successful is because they found a way to connect with customer base by creating character (the cows) that everyone can relate to. Another reason, is that is was advertised nationally as opposed t just California, which gave the campaign a larger audience.
  2. The role and importance of the Real California Cheese certification mark in implementing the positioning and IMC program elements is that the mark  assures them that consumers that the cheese they are purchasing is natural and is made in California, exclusively from California milk. The seamark was placed just about everywhere including assortedcheese packages,coupons and point-of-sale materials and even on restaurant menus and table tents.  I believe the use of certification mark made a difference and was successful in the campaign because it showed the depth of the use of the product and sales where increased on numerous levels.
  3. The role of advertising in establishing the Real California Cheese brand personality was to show everyone the product was a natural product, coming from health cows and provided them in in a quality manner. I would describe the personality created as a take on the beauty pageant circuit with stage moms and stereotypes of selected areas of the country like Minnesota and Texas. Pros of this advertising approach are the characters are relatable because they are based on people, quotable lines and very funny. Cons are the potential to offend the group of people you are making fun of and possible lack of interest. I don't believe this campaign could be carried on indefinitely, the humor would lose its welcome the second time around. The ways that the campaign could be updated would put the characters into situations that are more current like a gameshow similar to The Amazing Race or have them audition for cow remakes of classic Hollywood films.
  4. The role consumer promotion played in generating trial awareness of Real California Cheese was to generate 
    trial and repeat purchase for all cheeses bearing the RCC Seal. The tactics used to accomplish this were including cross promotions inside stores the would utilize instant redeemable coupons, product samples and self liquidating premium offers. The most effective promotion was cross promoting with other products that are compatible with cheese such as breads, crackers, pizza and tortillas. The cross promotion increased awareness of the other products that use or compliment the product and is visivle where it might now usually be.

Real California Cheese


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