Thursday, August 11, 2011

HU121: Unit 4 Discussion Question

Discussion Question:

North by Northwest is an espionage thriller about life in Cold War America. The Cold War ended with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of communist Russia (the USSR), but America has new enemies and faces new threats. Think of the films you have seen in the years since 9/11. Which of those films offers a plot structure and/or theme(s) similar to those of this week's assigned film?

Discussion Answer:

The only post 9/11 film that comes to my mind that is similar to North By Northwest is The Bourne Identity, which is the first in a series. What makes the films different is that Jason Bourne is suffering from severe amnesia and needs to find out who he ACTUALLY is as opposed to Roger Thornhill is searching for who he is SUPPOSED to be. In both films, our hero is being pursued my an opposing force and has a sexy companion on his journey. 

As I was writing the previous paragraph I realized that a very recent film, The Adjustment Bureau, is similar to North By Northwest. The basic plot is that we all have a specific path and we arent supposed to wander too far from it. If we do, our path needs to be "adjusted" back into place. The character of David Norris got inspired and decided to take his own path regardless. Great film! Other great mistaken identity films are DAVE, The Big Lebowski and The Great Dictator.

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