Thursday, August 18, 2011

HU121: Unit 5 Discussion Question

Discussion Question:
Select one scene or sequence from Rear Window and discuss how Hitchcock used mise-en-scene to create suspense in that scene or sequence. Describe the scene. How was it framed? Where were the characters placed in relation to the camera and to each other? Was it open or closed framed? Was there music or other sound effects? How did all these elements come together to create suspense (or humor, or fear, or sadness, etc)?

Discussion Answer:
The scene that instantly came my mind after reading from Rear Window for this discussion question was when Lisa and Stella are hunting around the courtyard garden and the Thornwell apartment for any evidence of Mrs. Hanna Thornwell. Lisa has enters into the Thornwell apartment through the window, after having no luck searching elsewhere with Stella and begins searching there. A closed frame shot is used, taken from afar, as if it was from Jeffs point of view. Their are no sounds effects in the scene and just the soft music being played the band in another apartment. As the suspense builds so does the music. Together all these elements heightened the anxiety being experienced by Jeff and Stella, who are watching from afar, as well as the fear being experienced by Lisa. 

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