Thursday, August 25, 2011

MK230: Unit 6 - Discussion Question A & B

Discussion Question A:

Find an example of what you feel is a guerilla marketing effort being used by marketers. Explain the objectives you believe are being sought through the use of these techniques, who they are targeting, and whether you feel they will be effective. Discuss the ethics of the stealth technique being used by the marketer.

Discussion Answer A:

While researching to answer this question, I found numerous examples if the same concept. The basic concept is using the crosswalk lines as part of their product (McDonald's, as fries) or a result of using the product (Mr. Clean, a "clean" crosswalk). The objectives that these marketers are trying to achieve is to capture their customers in their everyday days and make them think twice about their products and purchase them. These particular products has a general   customer base to target because they are everyday products. The McDonald's example is slightly less effective, than the Mr. Clean because the is just cute and Mr. Clean shows a "cleaned" product. I don't think ethics are an issue here because there is nothing offense about the products. Although, there might be a traffic safety issue.

Discussion Question B:

Chapter 16 discusses how sales promotion can be used to contribute to the development or maintenance of brand equity by developing a promotional offer that is consistent with the image or positioning of a product or service. Find an example of a contest, sweepstakes or premium offer that a marketer is currently running and analyze the promotion with respect to how it contributes to brand equity. You can find examples of contests, sweepstakes or premium offers in magazine ads, free standing inserts (FSIs) in the Sunday newspaper, or on the Internet. What image or positioning is the marketer using for the brand? How does the promotional offer support the advertising campaign being used for the brand?

Discussion Answer B:

Every year McDonald's, about this time of year (if I'm not mistaken) conducts their MONOPOLY sweepstakes giving away prizes, cash, and food. The game pieces are on the package of many of their meals and drinks. The larger prizes are provided by an array of companies (cars, recreational vehicles, etc.) but the majority of the prizes are food provided by that location. The marketer is creating the excitement to come eat at McDonald's with the possibility being awarded an amazing prize. The promotion supports the McDonald's brand by being fun, exciting and something that part of your lifestyle already.

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