Friday, August 5, 2011

HU121: Unit 3 - Assignment Questions

Assignment Questions:
  1. Star Wars is, in many ways, a western set in outer space. Explain this statement. Use examples from the film to support your discussion.
  2. Many of the actors in the film are British, especially those representing the Empire. Think about Britain's history. How are the former British Empire and the Empire in this film alike? (You may want to do some research on the British Navy.)
  3. Who is the protagonist of this film, Luke or Hans Solo? Explain your answer.
  4. Who is the antagonist in this film? Explain your answer.
Assignment Answers:

This Star Wars, more so than any of the ones, is very much indeed a western set in outer space. A few major examples of this are the numerous gunfights, a climatic showdown, and a damsel in distress. Also, much like westerns, the character's clothing illustrate which said side they are on, Luke in white and Darth Vader in black. Even Han's clothing with the evokes the old west. Another similar detail is that the cantina and is very much like a saloon.
There are many strong similarities between the Empire and the former British Empire, which include the vastness of their territories, a large group of soldiers and ships at each of their disposals, as well as each of their thirst for domination.
I believe that Luke is the protagonist in this film because as the story follows his journey, as an orphaned farm boy to Jedi warrior against a major enemy. 
A protagonist is also described as a hero and Luke saves Leah who has information which is used against the Empire in order to defeat them. The antagonist, a person or a group of people who oppose the main character, or the main characters, in this film is the Empire led by Darth Vader. The Empire's Stormtroopers killed Luke's Aunt & Uncle, kidnapped Princess Leah, and destroyed her home planet. 

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