Saturday, June 4, 2011

Week 9: MK225 Internet Marketing

Discussion Question:
Choose an industry, then identify and describe two examples of potential channel conflict that could arise in that market due to creation of a direct online sales channel. For each example, identify how the business could resolve or respond to the conflict.

Discussion Answer:
For this exercise, I have chosen to explore the potential channel conflicts when purchasing Apple products online as opposed to purchasing brick and mortar. Online purchasing from Apple is generally simple. They are usually in stock of all colors and sizes. Brick and mortar (Apple retail or others) purchasing has the potential for stock issues and uninformed employees.

Assignment Question:
In this Unit, we learn about the international online marketplace. For this assignment, you will complete a course in Skillsoft called "Competitive Strategies for a Global Marketplace." This course is designed to help you better understand online retailing. 

Assignment Answer:
Score: 15/20

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