Thursday, June 23, 2011

Week 12: HU121 Film In Society (No Film)

Discussion Question:
Which of the assigned films did you like the best? Why? 
If you could switch out an assigned film for one of your choice, which film would you choose? What genre does the film belong to?

Discussion Answer:

Of all the assigned films, I like Rear Window because I have always been a fan Alfred Hitchcock and the performance by James Stewart and Grace Kelly are amazing. The master of suspense was genius on present stories like these. I own most of his movies, including Rear Window.

If I could switch out any of the assigned films, it would have to be Dreamworks Animation’s SHREK for any one of PIXAR’s Toy Story films. In my opinion, SHREK’s animation was poorly done, some of the voices didn’t fit the characters, and most of the jokes feel very forced. On the other hand, the Toy Story film’s animation is done much better and the jokes work on multiple levels with out being vulgar like SHREK does. PIXAR’s films story are more original than SHREK and don’t rely on cheap jokes and pop culture.

SHREK and the Toy Story films are both in the animated fantasy genre.

Final Exam:

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